Summer – EP

June 15, 2018
Jon Scott
Brown Babes Music
Producer: ASNAZZY Productions
Number of discs: 1

Jon Scott, the singing Lawyer, is not your typical singer-songwriter. This Nigerian-born and London-based Afro-soul optimist Jon Scott is probably the only music-obsessed singer-songwriter who owns his own law firm in the city of London.

Music has always been the first thing, the lawyer part… I just fell into it, basically. You’re supposed to have a career and my parents invested a lot of time and effort into that. So I compromised. But I never stopped gigging.’

I’m first cousin to the artist SEAL, so music flows through the family veins. I was greatly influenced by Fela Kuti as a kid. For A while, we lived a short distance away from his original residence, Kalakuta republic and his Club The Shrine and could hear the music blaring especially when he rehearsed his band. I just loved the way he laid down a groove. Then there’s Marvin Gaye, Motown, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson… all the obvious suspects.’

Running a Successful City Law firm, raising a family and steering a musical career – that’s one Hell of a workload. ‘It is. But I run my law firm in the day, record in the evening, and my family are really supportive. I’m a lucky man.’

This music is me. I love writing songs. I love singing. I love being Jon Scott. Music’s been there for me since the year dot and it will always be there. For me, Music is a love thing.

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